The “Institute for Workforce Education in Saudi Arabia (IWEKSA)” has partnered with the Rocky Mountain Education Center, the continuing education division of Red Rocks Community College, Lakewood, Colorado, USA, to provide occupational safety and health training and related consultant services for construction, manufacturing, and oil and gas exploration and production. Participants successfully completing occupational safety, health and environmental courses will earn continuing education units awarded from our USA college partner, Red Rocks Community College.

IWEKSA specializes in supporting the development of technicians as effective leaders and managers with comprehensive training in the proven best practices of interpersonal and organizational management. .

IWEKSA provides customized program solutions for its clients. All certification programs offered can be customized to meet our customer’s specific requirements. Additionally, new courses can be designed in collaboration with your organization, IWEKSA and RMEC. Depending on the requirement an industry professional that matches the required expertise will be assigned to your account and through ongoing collaboration a program specifically designed to your needs can be designed, delivered and accessed.

Visit the course catalog of the Rocky Mountain Education Center. These courses can be customized to meet our industry client’s specific needs In addition to occupational safety and health the Rocky Mountain Education Center offers environmental compliance courses in storm water, water quality, and waste water management.

NEW Successful course completers will receive “TRAINING PASSPORTS” ID Cards with QR scan technology to a real-time transcript of all coursework completed through IWEKSA/Rocky Mountain Education Center.

** US DOL OSHA certificates of course completion cannot be offered outside the United States for open enrollment courses. Industry clients with US ownership or interests in KSA may contact our partner Rocky Mountain Education Center to negotiate contracted training for the company’s employees that will carry the US DOL OSHA authorization.