IWEKSA 915 - Effective Teamwork

Type: Business Management Professional Development Courses

Course Info

This highly collaborative and interactive program focuses specifically on how you can optimize your personal performance as a team player and your effectiveness as a team leader.  During this workshop you will explore the intricacies of internal and external team dynamics and learn techniques how to manage them.  Your facilitator will guide you through how to structure teams to maximize effectiveness, resolve conflict, persuade others and unleash your team’s full potential. 


Targeted Competency Development Area:  Working Together



The ultimate goal of this workshop is to improve team leadership skills, and as such this course is designed to help you:


  • Structure team roles to maximize potential
  • Set clear and engaging goals
  • Understand member personality & behavioural drivers
  • Resolve conflict effectively
  • Communicate passionately
  • Advocate for change persuasively
  • Unlock your team's creative potential
  • Create a positive and supportive team culture